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meet the ceo & Founder

Rocquel Strong CEO &  founder of Hairstylist Mastermind is the hairstylist entrepreneur who started the mastermind to help Black hairstylist go from struggle to success in their business .Rocquel’s vision is to help one hairstylist at time become a Six Figure earner and leave the life of struggle and poverty .

She aims to build them up in their life and business so that they can get the financial freedom they deserve for their hard work and creativity .  

When she struggled to find support for her own salons, with lack of knowledge on how to run a business .Rocquel took risks and tried and tested methods to make her business thrive and continue to attract customers and increase revenue .

Rocquel openly shares her gains & losses in the business and gives positive ,achievable strategies that can be used to grow your business .

For this reason Hairstylist Mastermind was birthed to support hairstylist on their  entrepreneurial journey to success.

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