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Let’s Face it Most Black Businesses Fail !!! When it comes to branding . They either start good and don’t finish .Or did not have their branding on point from the beginning.

Well not no more Honey !!! 

Now a days  it is expected of small businesses to have their branding up to par just like the Big Boy Brands . 

Branding your business is one of the most important things you could think to do as a business owner and knowing how to speak your brand message correctly will help you to attract customers and build your brand awareness ;

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Course Description

This Course will turn you into a branding beast & have you building an audience of people who respect and become paying customers in YOUR business.You will become the baddest graphic designer on road ,and don’t worry if your not tech savvy .I GOT YOU 100% . You will be fully equipped to create high converting graphics 

Key Concepts Covered Include

  • How to create a Branding Kit
  • How to use online tools & resources to create online and offline content graphics
  • How to attract your ideal client
  • How to create graphics that convert to sales ££££
  • How to create graphics from your phone

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